Vol.2, No 8, 1998 pp. 831 - 832
Prof. Dr. - Ing. Dr. h. c. WERNER SCHIELEN
Institut B für Mechanik Stuttgart
President of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - (IUTAM)
Prof. Dr. - Ing. Dr. h. c. Werner Schiehlen serves as Presi-dent of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Me-chanics - (IUTAM) for the period 1996-2000. As President he is Chairman of the Bureau of IUTAM as well as of the Executive Committee of the Congress Committee of IUTAM. Both bodies met in August 1997 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA to prepare IUTAM's General Assembly sched-uled for August 29-30, 1998 in Stuttgart, Germany and to make arrange-ments for the 20th International Congress of Theoretical and Ap-plied Mechanics (ICTAM) taking place in Chicago, Illinois, USA on August 27-September 2, 2000. 
Professor Schiehlen is also a well-known scientist in applied dynamics specialized on multybody system dynamics, nonlinear oscillations, random vibrations, optimization of mechanical systems with applications to mechatronics, vehicle dynamics and biome-chanics. 
Further, Professor Schiehlen is Editor-in-Chief of the new scientific journal "Multybody System Dynamics", the first volume of which appears in 1997. The state-of-the-art in multybody dynamics is presented in the second issue of this journal by Professor Schiehlen. The reference reads as Professor Schiehlen, W.: "Multybody System Dynamics - Roots and Perspectives". Multybody System Dynamics 1 (1997) pp. 149-188.
Werner Schiehlen
Institut B fuer Mechanik
Pfaffenwaldring 9
D-70550 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49 711 685-6388
Fax: +49 711 685-6400
E-mail: wos@mechb.uni-stuttgart.de
Werner Schiehlen
Full Professor of Mechanics and Head of the Institute B of Mechanics
Multibody System Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Random Vibrations, Optimization, Contact Problems, Biomechanics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Vehicle Dynamics
Diploma, Mechanical Engineering, Stuttgart 1963
PhD, Attitude Control, Stuttgart 1966
Habilitation, Space Dynamics, Munich 1971
Awards and honours:
Award Studienstiftung 1959 - 1963
Lecturer, CISM Courses, Italy 1970, 1975, 1983
NASA Research Associate, Huntsville, USA 1972 - 1973
Secretary-General IUTAM 1984 - 1992
Dr. h.c., Eindhoven, The Netherlands 1991
Visiting Miller Research Professor, Berkeley, USA 1995
President IUTAM 1996 -
Editor in Chief, Multibody System Dynamics 1997 -
Dean of Studies, Mechatronics 1997 -
President of IUTAM, the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Institute B of Mechanics
Research projects:
Multibody Systems; Computer aided modelling of dynamical systems, especially elastic multibody systems; Multibody dynamics; Is concerned with the modelling, the mathematical description and the analysis of mechanical systems consisting of bodies, constraints and forces. The main topic is the formulation of differential equations and their numerical integration, but modal analysis, analysis of stability of motion and other topics are of interest too. Computer-aided multibody dynamics is part of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). It is of growing importance in developing new mechanisms not only in high technology applic; Nonlinear Dynamics; Numerische Untersuchung nichtlinearer dynamischer Systeme. Methode der Zellabbildung, Berechnung von Ljapunov-Exponenten, Berechnung von Stabilitätsmaßen; Optimization of Multibody Systems; Parameter Identification; Dynamics of Road Vehicles; Dynamics of Rail Vehicles; Modeling and analysis of railway boggies and wheelsets using the DFG-Referenzdatensatz A; Biomechanics; Mechatronics; Contact Problems in Machine Dynamics; Research subject; Investigation of contact problems in multibody dynamics. Analysis with the Boundary Element Method and the Finite Element; Method, collision detection, experiments with a hydraulic testbed; Datamodels for Multibody Systems; Smart Composites; Active vibration damping of slender, elastic beam structures using piezoelectric sensors and actuators; Modeling by the Finite Element Method including the piezoelectric and bonding layers; Application of control methods for distributed parameter systems; Development of concepts for the absorption of travelling waves