Vol.2, No 8, 1998 pp. 809 - 810
UDC: 531

Miloš Nedeljković
Abstract. Paper presents impressions from GAMM-98 Conference in Bremen, Germany, held in April 1998. After general data, participation of Yugoslav scientists is emphasized. Also, conference papers publication procedure is described in detail.

Annual conference (Tagung) of German Society for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik) for the year 1998 was held from April 6th to 9th in Bremen, the city (and at the same time the federal state) on the northwest of Germany.
Traditionally, this conference is regularly held in a week after or before the catholic Easter, and as a rule the organizers are universities. This time, the host was University of Bremen, with organizing committee from Departments for production technique, mathematics and physics headed by  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Rath and Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Diederich Hinrichsen.
According to data from [1], total amount of participants was 970 from 30 countries. 805 lectures were given in 158 sections, of which 15 main (invited) lectures, 1 lecture as Ludwig Prandtl's memorial, 130 lectures in minisymposiums and 659 so called short communications (15 minutes). Interested reader is addressed to [1] for other relevant data.
According to the Final Program book (pp. 81-113) and to the Book of Abstracts, for the Conference in Bremen, from Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, there were 21 applicants and 15 abstracts were printed. However, at the conference, "a book reduced" to only 5 speakers, which compared to 805 lectures seems negligible. That is why these names are worth mentioning, especially because they found time, willingness, money for travelling and participation expenses, as well as scientific courage to submit their papers for the judgement and discussion of german and other foreign colleagues. These are: Katarina Surla and Zorica Uzelac from Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad; Dečan Ivanović from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Podgorica; and Boško Rašuo, Radomir Kilibarda and the author of this survey from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade.
Attendance to our communications was good, and discussion was useful and approving. Also, our participants discussed on other papers, and also attended general lectures and minisymposiums of their interest.
Considering the small number of participants from our country, it is the pleasure to emphasize the important privilege that german organizers made by nominating Prof. Dr Boško Rašuo for the chairman of one of the sections. With this, honor has been payed to colleague Rašuo himself, but also to our country appreciating and wishing its presence on the Conference to prolong and to get greater if possible.
It is to the future to see if the presented papers will be able to pass proof-readers, and will they be published in special Conference number of journal ZAMM. As it is known, on this conference someone participates with accepted abstract only (which is printed in the Book of Abstracts), and then the paper is presented in front of the audience (public defend). On the basis of material quality, oral presentation quality, discussion and personal impression, the chairman of the section makes the first decision of whether the paper is for publishing or not. Speaker is not aware of this decision for the conference being. Then, the paper in camera ready format, on 2 extremely packed pages for short communications or 4 pages for invited lectures, is sent to ZAMM's editorial, where on the basis of earlier chairman's opinion and now, being aware of the integral version of the paper, on the opinion of responsible ZAMM editor, final proof readers' decision is made on acceptance or rejection of the paper for publishing.
Referring to other lectures and topics on the Conference, it is known that a wide spectrum of themes is covered by the program, so this short survey is not capable to deal with all that in detail. Nevertheless, for those interested in specific topics, Book of Final Program and Book of Abstracts which each participant has is always allowed to be used, so that specific personal fields of interest may be analyzed.
The next GAMM-Conference will be held from April 12th to 16th 1999 in Metz in eastern France.
At last, but not the least, author, in the name of all participants, takes this opportunity to thank the appropriate ministries for science, as well as the mentioned faculties, for giving the partial support to us, thus making our participation in the Conference possible, and continuing in that way our cooperation with foreign colleagues.
 1. M. Wanschura: Bericht über die wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung 1998 der GAMM an der Universität Bremen
 2. Rundbrief der GAMM, 1998-2, pp.32.

U radu su prikazani utisci sa konferencije GAMM-98 održane u Bremenu u Nemačkoj u aprilu 1998. godine. Posle opštih podataka, naglašeno je učešće naučnika iz Jugoslavije. Takođe, detaljno je objašnjen način publikovanja radova sa ove konferencije.