Vol.2, No 7, 1997 pp. xxi

Beginning with 1991 European Society of Mechanics (EUROMECH) organizes every third year two conferences one of which is dedicated to the Fluid Mechanics and another one to the Mechanics of Solids. 3rd European Fluid Mechanics Conference was held in Göttingen (FR Germany), Sep, 15 - Sep. 18, 1997 and was organized jointly by the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Luff and Raumfahrt e.V. and the Georg-August University. 427 participants from all over the world presented 386 papers which were divided into 16 sections and 3 mini symposia. The titles of the mini symposia were: Forced flows with solidification, Dispersed multiphase flows, and Turbulent mixing- mechanisms and control, while 16 sections were entitled as follows: Waves, Turbulence, Biological Flows, Gas Dynamics, Vortex Dynamics, Boundary Layers, Multiphase Flows, Rotating Flows, Numerical Methods, Buoyant Flows, Gas Dynamics and Condensations, Measurement Techniques, Aeroelastics, Bubble Dynamics, and Aerodynamics. In addition, a very rich program of general lectures given by world known scientists in their fields of interest was included into the scope of the Conference. The 1997 Euromech Fluid Mechanics Lecture was delivered by U. Frisch under the title: Towards a theory of intermittency. Authors and titles of invited lectures were as follows: P. Clavin, Dynamics of combustion waves in gases; P.H. Alfredsson, Free stream turbulence and transient growth in boundary layer flows; M. Germano, Modelling of turbulent flows: the notion of the average; A. Maslov, Experimental study of instability processes in hypersonic boundary layer; T. Maxworthy, Convectively-driven geophysical flows; T. Pedley, Time-dependent flow-structure interaction in biomechanics; W.G.M. Agterof, Fluid Mechanics issues related to the food industry; R. Hillier, Hypersonic viscous flows: an integration of experiment and CFD; L. van Wijngaarden, The collective behaviour of air bubbles rising in water, and W. Lauterborn, News from cavitation bubble dynamics. Also, an Evening lecture was given by I. Rehberg, Granular matter: shaken, not stirred. And very dry!
The Conference was perfectly organized. Discussions were rich and fruitful, and in the Conference Hall an exhibition of Cambridge University Press, Springer Verlag and Kluwer publications was held.

Academician Vladan Djordjević