Vol.2, No 7, 1997 pp. xix
Rochester Institute of Technology,
Rochester, New York, U. S.A., June 8-11, 1997

The Second International Symposium on Thermal Stresses and Related Topics - Thermal Stresses '97 was held from June 8 to 11,1997 at Rochester Institute of Technology USA. General Chairs of the Symposium was Richard B. Hetnarski, James E. Gleason Professor of Mechanical Engineering MT, U.S.A. and Naotake Noda, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Shizuoka University, Japan.
The Program of the Symposium contained following Principal Lecture:
First Principal Lecture: "Thermomechanics of Heterogeneous Media" by George J. Dvorak, Rensslaer Polytechnik Institute USA.
Second Principal Lecture: "Modeling of Thermal Cracking in Elastic and Elasioplastic Solids" by K.P. Hermann, University of Paderbom, Germany.
Third Principal Lecture: "Thermal Stress-Focusing Effect Following Rapid Uniform Heating of spheres and Long Cylindrical Rods" by Toshiaki Hata, Shizuoka University, Japan.
The Program of the Symposium contained following sections:
Fracture Mechanics, Composite Materials, Wave Propagation, Plasticity, Residual Stresses, Imperfections Inhomogeneity, Constitutive Equations for Inelastic Behavior, Heat Conduction, Functionally Graded Materials, Viscoelasticity and Viscoplasticity, Contact Problems, Stability, Experimental Methods, Analytical Methods, Multilayer Structures, Structures, Computational Techniques for Thermal-Structural Problems, Anisotropic Materials, Dissimilar Materials, Concrete Pavement, Civil Engineering Problems, Dynamical Problems, Ceramics, Lase Radiation Effects, and Plates and Shells.
The Symposium Program included the following short lectures of participants from Yugoslavia:
"On the Fourier's Law of Heat Conduction in a Nonlinear Fluid" by J. Jarić and Z. Golubović.
"The Problem of the Nonlinear Temperature Distribution Across the Thickness of the Plate Producted by Electromagnetic Field" by R Čukić, T. Maneski and V. Milošević.
"Coupled Problem of a Thermoelastic Plate in Elliptical Shape" by D. Trajčevski and R. Čukić.
Rastko Čukić from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Belgrade was Co-Chair, with Chair Y. Obata, in the session GE - Plates and Shells.
The international Symposium brought together experts from across the world in area of thermal sciences. It advanced the Theoretical underpinnings of this important technological area, improved world collective ability to analyze thermal stress in engineered systems, and advanced world capability to design systems, structures, and products.

Katica (Stevanović) Hedrih