Vol.2, No 7, 1997 pp. xvii
Invited Lecturer

Professor Giuseppe Rega was born in 1946 in Rome, Italy, where he was educated, graduated from the University of Rome as a structural engineer in 1970, and staffed his scientific career. Subsequently he moved to the University of L'Aquila, Italy, where he became Associate Professor in 1983 and Full Professor of Structural Mechanics in 1986. Therein, he also iniziated and directed for six years the Department of Structure, Water and Soil Engineering, occupied several leading academic positions at both Engineering Faculty and University levels, and established an internationally well-reputed Nonlinear Dynamics Group.
Previous scientific interests of Professor Rega were mainly concerned with structural mechanics and earthquake engineering. Since the eighties, he was mostly involved with problems in nonlinear and chaotic dynamics, and with the relevant applications in applied mechanics and engineering. Great effort was devoted to bring these themes to the attention of the structural mechanics community, both in Italy and outside of it, and to bridge the gap existing in the field between the achievements obtained by the mathematical community and the yet unexpressed potentiality of the relevant phenomena in engineering applications. Professor Rega is in the forefront in the field of applications of nonlinear and chaotic dynamics to solid and structural mechanics, where he has organized two international colloquia (L'Aquila, 1992 and 1994), has edited special issues of several scientific journals, and has given general lectures in international conferences.
 As a result of this activity, he is presently Associate Editor of Chaos Solitons & Fractals for Chaos in Civil Engineering, member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Vibration and Control, Meccanica, and Nonlinear Dynamics, and member of the European Nonlinear Dynamics Committee of the European Mechanics Society. Professor Rega is the author of nearly one hundred scientific publications on many different journals and conference proceedings.
Since 1995, Professor Rega is appointed at the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of the University of Rome La Sapienza where, besides cultivating its main scientific interests in advanced applied nonlinear dynamics, he has recently accepted a new scientific challenge consisting in teaching and promoting research in structural mechanics in the Faculty of Architecture.