Vol.2, No 7, 1997 pp. ii-v

Within its regular calendar of organizing scientific meetings from all fields of theoretical and applied mechanics, Yugoslav Society of Mechanics, in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Chair of Fluid Mechanics, University of Belgrade, organized the II International Symposium: Contemporary Problems of Fluid Mechanics, held in Belgrade, Sep. 29 through Oct. 2, 1996. The Symposium attracted the attention of several researchers from Yugoslavia and from abroad, so that the texts of 52 contributed papers and 4 general lectures were published in the Proceedings in English and French, on 290 pages. Authors and titles of general lectures were:
J. Zierep, "Fascinating Fluiddynamics",
C. Tournier, "Application de la polarographie a la métrologie des écoulements pariétaux"
L.J. Crane, "Fluid Mechanics of the Fibre Spinning Process"
Z. Boričić, B. Obrović, "Development and application of the generalized similarity method to the problems of the boundary layer flow".
Contributed papers were divided into the following sections:
- Fluid flow in channels and pipes (4 papers)
- Experimental methods (5 Papers)
- Aerodynamics (4 papers)
- Two-phase flows (9 papers)
- Boundary layers (2 papers)
- Numerical simulations (7 Papers)
- Turbomachinery (6 papers)
- Heat and mass transfer (7 Papers)
- Turbulence (5 Papers)
- Miscellaneous (3 papers).
The Symposium was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Dr. Viktor Saljnikov, Professor Emeritus and Corresponding member of the Europian Academy of Sciences and Arts.