Vol.3, No 13, 2003 pp. 778-778

M. C. Chaki Centre for Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences and Calcutta University, February 5-7, 2003
In honour of Professor M.C. Chaki's 90th Birth Anniversary
M. C. Chaki Centre for Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences and Calcutta University, India, in collaboration with Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Organizing Committee with Prof Dr U.C. De, University of Kalyani, and Prof. Dr Manjusha Majumder, Calcutta University, as well as International Advisory Committee with Dr S. P. Mukherjee and Dr B. K. Datta organized International Symposium on Analysis, Manifolds and Me-chanics, in Calcutta February 5-7, 2003, in honour of Professor M.C. Chaki's 90th Birth An-niversary.
This biennial venue gathered over 120. authors and co-authors and scientists-participants from Italy, India, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Bangladesh and Yugoslavia.
From Scientific Programme:
- Paying Respects to Professor Chaki – professors: B. K. Lahiri (University of Kalyani), R. K. Poddar (Calcutta University)
- Reading of Written Citation – Dr P.K. Majumder
- V. de Sabbata (Italy): Hamiltonian Formulation of Gravitational Theory and Spin Fluctuations;
- T. Kawaguchi (Japan): On the Application of Finsler Geometry to Engineering Dynamical Systems:
- K. (Stevanovic) Hedrih (Yugoslavia): Vector Method and Phase Plane Method, Approach for the Analysis of Kinetic Parameters and Homoclinic Orbits of Coupled Rotor Dynamics
- F. Ozen and S.Altay (Turkey): The Bianchi Identities in a Reimiannian Manifold Admitting a Special type of semi-symmetric Metric Connection;
- M. K. Chakrabortty (India): A Theory of Partial Consistency: A Logical Approach.
- N. C. Chattopdhyoy and A. Chakraborti (India) Study of Thermal stress generated in and Elastic Half-Space in the context of Generalized Thermoelasticity Theory;
- Sarbari Ray-Guha and M.C. Chaki (India): On Conformally Flat Perfect Fluid Pseudo Ricci Symmetric Space-time;
- U.C.De (India): On weakly Symmetric Structures on a Reimannian Manifold;
- S. Maeda (Japan): Circles and Hypersurfaces in space forms;
- T. Adachi (Japan) A comparison Theorem Associated with KäMagnetic Field.
- R. Karmakar (Bangladesh): Semiclassical approximation calculations for K-shell Ionization of Atoms by Heavy charged particles;
- B. Chaki (India): A Role of the Cosmological Constant for a Classification of Dirac Particles in Quasi Einstein Manifold;
Financial support/donation for the Symposium by students and admirers of Prof. Dr M. C. Chaki.
K. S. H.