Vol.3, No 13, 2003 pp. 773-774

The Anniversary of Akisugu KAWAGUCHI's 100 years birth, the Founder of Tensor Society
Professor Akitsugu Kawaguchi was born on April 8, 1902, in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu Region.
From 1922 to 1928 he had his schooling at Tohoku University in Sendai (Tohoku Region in Japan) where he did his graduate work taking Bachelor of Science degree in 1925. In 1931 he received the doctorate of science from the some University.
In 1928 hi was appointed Acting Member of the newly-organized faculty of Sciences of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, in order to organize the development of Mathematics in the some Faculty. From 1928 to 1930 at the request of the Government of Japan he visited Germany, Italy and America in order to study Mathematics, especially Differential geometry. On ther foundation of the faculty of science at the Hokkaido University in 1930 he was appointed Associate Professor of the same University and acted as the director of the Department. Since 1933 hi has been ordinary professor of the same University, and since 1952 he has held an additional post. Professor of the Nihon University in Tokyo, and organized in 1959 the new department of Mathematics at the College od Science and Engineering of the same University.
From 1953 to 1962 he often traveled overseas for attending the International Congress of Mathematicians or delivering lectures to students of many universities in the world.
Akitsugu Kawaguchi is the Founder of Tensor society and first president of the Tensor society since 1938. Tensor society is of international nature.
In 1970, after his participation to the International Congress of Mathematicians held in Nica (France) on September 1-10, he was invited to the V. Kongres matematičara, fizičara I astronoma Jugoslavije (Fifth Congress of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy in Yugoslavia) held in Ohrid (Makedonia, Yugoslavia) on September 14-19, as a guest and delivered a one-hour lecture "On differential Geometry of higher order manifolds" there. Afterward, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade invited him to deliver a lecture and then be was invited by the University in Novi Sad in order to talk with the staffs. Before this participation to the Congress in Nice, on invitation be visited the Mathematical Institute in Oberwolfach (Schwarcwald, West Germany) in the end of August.
The above stated three trips in abroad gave him the good and fortunate chances to make warmer his friendships with many friends in aboard as well as to get personal acquaintances of very many young mathematicians, physists and mechanists in the world, and the Tensor Society could get many new members in virtue of his trips.
… Not only in the field of pure scientific research, but also his contribution to mathematical education in schools in Japan is so great that one cannot disregard it. He keep the position of the President of the Hokkaido Association of Mathematical Education more than ten years and presided the annual meeting of the Association held elsewhere in Hokkaido every year in order to guide studies of mathematical education by school teachers.
…. His greatest merit in the introduction of the concept "motion, consisting of parallel displacement, rotation and reflexion, and similar transformation" in order to understand the properties of figures (geometry) in place of "Euclid Elements" into School-mathematics from standpoint of modern idea in geometry. …
This concept was adopted as the standard one in the Guide-Principle of Education (Gakusha Shido Yoryo) published by the Ministry of Education in Japan.
Professor of Mejiro University, Present President of Tensor Society, Japan
Doctor of Engineering, Professor of Mejiro University,
Present President of Tensor Society, Japan
Birthday:  February 10, 1935
Father's name:
Akitsugu Kawaguchi, First president of Tensor Society,
March 31, 1958, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, College of Tech-nology, Nihon University
Post graduate Research student:
April 1, 1958 - December 31, 1962, Faculty of Dept. of  Mathematical  Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Research Assistant: January 1, 1963 - March 31, 1977, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Professor: April 1, 1977 - March 31, 1998, Institute of Information Sciences,
University of Tsukuba, Retired by retiring age
Professor: April 1, 1999 - Now, Mejiro University
Treasurer of Tencor Society: Aug. 1, 1984 - Dec. 31, 1992
President of Tensor Society: Jan. 1, 1992 - Now
Editorial Bord Member, Reports of Mathematical Physics, Poland: 1990 ? Now
Foreign Examiner Board Members of Ph. D. : Dept. of Mathematics, University of Calcutta & Dept. of Mathematics, Varanas Hindu University
Scientific Papers: 60