Vol.6, No 1, 1999 pp. 112 - 112
Authors: Doc. dr Verica Avramović, Doc. dr Milan Stanković
Publisher: authors, Niš, 1998
Waldeyer's ring consists of lymphatic tissue in oro- and nasopharynx (palatinal, pharyngeal, lingual and tubar tonsils). This lymphatic tissue is especially organised for a direct contact with antigens from external environment, so it has an inportant role in regional and general immune response.
 Inflammatory processes affecting tonsils, particu-larly frequent in childhood, can significantly alter the function and role of these organs in immune reacton. This is the reason for a great interest shown by morphologists, immunologists and ENT specialists in this so called "tonsillar problem". The demands of the practical approach to tonsillar pathology represent another reason for the implementation of different methods of the investigation of the morphology and function of tonsils. Though diseases of Waldeyer's ring are apparently simple for diagnosis and therapy there are no absolutely accepted opinions concerning diag-nostic and therapeutic criteria.
The book Waldeyer's ring has a multidisciplinary approach to tonsillar function and pathology and is divided into two parts: the first comprises the morphology and function of tonsils, and the second one represents the clinical aspect of diseased tonsils. A particular interest is directed to palatinal tonsil as it represents the most important part of Waldeyer's ring.
This book has a unique conception, contains 147 pages with original microphotographs and color shemes, scanning and transmission electron micrographs and it can contribute to the improvement of knowledge concerning this part of immune system and can be very useful to doctors of different specialities.

Prof. dr Ljiljana Milisavljević