Facta Univ. Ser.: Elec. Energ., vol. 24, No. 1, April 2011, pp. 11-22

Meteorological Parameters and Pollution Caused by Sulfur Dioxide and Their Influence on Construction Materials and Heritage

Ljubiša Preradović, Predrag Ilić, Svetlana Marković, and Zoran Janjuš

Abstract: In work is presented research of presence Sulfur dioxide (SO2) on sample place where is intensive traffic and population density is high. Air quality monitoring was done with an automatic station. For the interpretation of the results are used monthly and annual patterns. On the basis of the detected pollutants during the air monitoring show the state of environmental conditions in terms of air pollution with Sulfur dioxide and influence of them on aero-pollution, structural materials and building heritage. Also is given evaluation of influence polluted air on building heritage. For statistical data processing and modeling of pollution along with meteorological parameters was used decision tree implementation of the analytical and statistical tool SPSS 17.

Keywords: Meteorological parameters, sulfur dioxide, air monitoring.